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1. TEAM ZAGREB – full

Most of the residents in Zagreb are Roman Catholics and there is an increasing number of Asian migrant workers. A small team of 8 young adults will come help their missionary who is serving in a small Pentecostal Church. The outreach will focus on street evangelism, youth ministry and worship between 18.-24.7.


The beautiful headline for the teen & young adult camps is ”The Place of Encounter” which includes the enriched and blessed 50 years of history in annual summer camps held in Orahovica, Croatia. It is a dwelling place of God where young people are challenged to get well-rooted in the biblical truth, glorify God with fellowship and worship together. We are looking for a team to serve in music, sport and cleaning in the camp. Would you like to be God’s vessel on forwarding this precious legacy and message to the young people?

🇭🇷 Price range: 80-100e
🇭🇷 team size: 3-5 people
❗️teen camp 17-20.7 &
❗️young adult camp 22-27.7


How beautiful are the feet of those who bring the good news! COME on an adventure with God to serve on the stunning coast of Croatia. This outreach is perfect for those who are first-timers. During the week you can serve in music, youth meetings, street evangelism & renovating the new church building in two gorgeous coastal towns in Croatia.

🇭🇷 price range: coming soon…
🇭🇷 team size: 6-7 people

4. TEAM RIJEKA -full