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Impact events were started by PEF with a vision to evangelize Europe by focusing on its major cities.

Impact began with the first event in Brussels in 2006 after which outreach events have taken place in 18 different European countries. Later the outreach event expanded to cover multiple cities nationwide. Starting from the beginning of 2024 the event will be coordinated by PEM.

In the past, Europe has been held up by the Word of God which has carried and blessed Europe. The people need a strong foundation in Jesus.

Out of all continents, Europe has the least amount of evangelical Christians. Though there are strong churches in Europe, believers need a fresh vision and burden for a perishing Europe and the world. We dream of seeing Europe redeemed and missionaries rising within it ready to preach the gospel to all nations.

Foreign religions have made their way in as churches have failed to provide the real and genuine gospel and life in Jesus Christ. Through immigration, many unreached people groups now live in our neighborhoods and are waiting for the message of salvation to reach them.

The vision of the crucified and resurrected Christ compels us to preach the gospel.

1 Cor 1:18 “For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.”

Impact outreaches is a ministry where all age groups can serve and catch fire and vision from God. Jesus himself sent the disciples to proclaim the good news (Luke 10) and He is still calling us to go. That’s why we challenge all believers to participate in outreaches yearly.

The vision isn’t only that thousands could have the chance to hear the gospel but also that the young generation could awaken to seek the Lord with all their hearts. The churches must provide them a chance to participate, serve, and grow in Christ. They, if anyone, can reach their own culture and age group.

Pray what your place in God’s mission could be this year. Could it be Impact Balkans 2024?

Vision for 2024

We want to especially concentrate on putting our efforts into spreading the gospel in the Balkans. The vision isn’t to keep doing event after event but to create lasting fruit in the nations by joining forces with the Balkan believers in service and prayer. We believe that the strongest impact on the Balkan region is made through different nations coming together as one seeking the Lord together in united prayer and fasting. As we give our heart and time for God by serving and praying for the Balkans, we believe breakthrough will take place. During the last few years God has spoken to several people about a fresh start and a wave of revival flooding all over the Balkans.


The Balkans is the least reached region in Europe consisting of 42 million people out of which 99% are spiritually lost and have limited access to the gospel. In many areas, there are no missionaries, no believers, no evangelical churches, and no opportunity to hear the gospel. Most countries have less than 0.5% evangelical believers (source:

Now is the time for the Balkans! God hasn’t forgotten about them.

Are you ready to fight for the least reached region of Europe in prayer and to join in on all that God has in store for the Balkans? Come along, join, or gather a team. The time is now, sign up immediately!!